The YASGUI family of SPARQL clients

Laurens Rietveld and Rinke Hoekstra

Frustration-driven research


  • Where can I find SPARQL endpoints?
  • Which tool can I use to access them?
  • Is my query valid?
  • Why is my query invalid?
  • What is the RDF Prefix again????

Developed for us

  • No install required (web app)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Syntax checking
  • Accessing any SPARQL endpoint
  • Prefix, property and class auto-completion
  • Pre-populated list of SPARQL endpoints

Yet Another SPARQL GUI

Problems and limitations

  • Inconsitent error reporting
  • Unknown endpoint capabilities
  • Lowest common denominator

What about developers?

  • Looks nice, I want this on my endpoint
  • I want to render the results differently
  • I want to use this (or part of it) in my tool
  • Stand-alone client-side javascript packages: YASQE, YASR and YASGUI
  • Plugin architecture for rendering SPARQL results
  • Published via CDNs and package managers for easy re-use


  • 160.000 queries via
    1. Man vs. Machine: Differences in SPARQL Queries (USEWOD 2014)
    2. YASGUI: Feeling the Pulse of Linked Data (EKAW 2014)
  • Page view stats of third-party websites, tools and endpoints incomplete or not available

Active development

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